Project 4

Joint-Stock Company “CONSYST” (CONTROL SYSTEMS) registered by Moscow Registration Chamber on July 29, 1992.
CONSYST JSC was determined of the Satellite Communications Operator of the JSC Concern Rosenergoatom and began to providing operation and technical support for the Concern’s satellite dispatch and technological communications in July 2002.

The Company name was changed  by the CONSYST JSC (CONSYST - Communications Provider, Joint-Stock Company) by expansion of the Company’s activities and by decision of the general meeting of shareholders in June 2003.


CONSYST JSC has been providing the functioning of Technical Support Centers services, with the help of which centralized operational monitoring of the NPPs state of safety and the development of emergency engineering solutions for the prevention and liquidation of emergency situations at NPPs since 2003.

CONSYST JSC has been as the single supplier of IT-systems services of the JSC Concern Rosenergoatom in 2007.

CONSYST JSC deliver the wide range of services to  JSC Concern Rosenergoatom:
• IT-systems operation and service;
• communication services (operator activity);
• local modernization of IT-systems and infrastructure;
• accounting, planning and procurement of IT resources;
• corporate information system support.

Another important of the company service is the operation and modernization of communication and data transmission systems.
CONSYST JSC is beginning to create the branches on NPPs since 2007.
The Company has the 8 branches on NPPs of JSC Concern Rosenergoatom today.


CONSYST JSC Branches provide the technical service and support of EMS systems, cable network and multichannel telecommunication systems, technical service and support of the corporate information system of NNPs.

CONSYST JSC provide next IT- services for  JSC Concern Rosenergoatom today:
• Technical support services;
• Support and maintenance of corporate information systems of the Central office of the Concern and local systems of branches;
• Infrastructure information systems support;
• Maintenance of multimedia systems support;
• Maintenance of engineering systems support;
• IT asset management (ITAM);      
• IT Project management;
• Information security services;
• Communication services.











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